3 Healthy Traveling Tips

My sister texted me this morning…

One more day till the biggest adventure of your life!” 

Tomorrow, I begin my journey to the other side of the world to study abroad. I thought I would feel nervous and uncertain about the decision to be alone in a foreign country, but I can’t help but feel excitement and a surge of vibrant energy as I immerse myself in a new culture with thrilling experiences and new people at every corner.

You know that is... once I survive the 24 hour plane ride.

Packing has been a certain challenge, but it’s going to get done no matter what. (I don't really have a choice). So as I have been packing and organizing all of my essentials to help keep my body on track on these flights, I thought I’d share 3 healthy tips I use when traveling for long periods of time;

  1. Pack nutrient dense food/snacks

Kinda important, right? Because of my (many) intolerances, I have gotten pretty good at packing food and snacks that are easy and require minimal work. I will be fasting on my long flight as I have researched the benefits in adjusting to time differences but I am making sure I am bringing nutritious food to help break the fast when I land. Here is what I am bringing to Australia:


  • Purely Elizabeth Collage Oats

    • The best part about these products, is all I need to do is add hot water, and I am good to go. I usually stop at a Starbucks and ask for a cup of hot water. These single oat cups also have a single packet of nut butter (nutzo), so there is 11g of protein per serving (pretty dang good for oatmeal). I have been Purely obsessed since my freshman year of college and I am so excited to try their new collagen oats!!

  • Protein bars

    • I watch the sugar content in protein bars because I have a problem maintaining my blood sugar. Primal Kitchen and Bullet Proof bars are two brands that use minimal sugar, keeping me satisfied and not crashing (and then not grumpy, winner!)

  • Nut Butter

    • I always travel with a couple packets of nut butter because tbh, you never know when you can use it. (And also, I just really really love almond butter, it's that simple). 

2. Take care of your body 

How do I put this lightly?

My body is aching 9 of 10 times. From 15 years of horseback riding, and not taking care of my muscles, its safe to say that my hips and back get pretty “funky”...pretty quick. My body movement instructor back home gave me a couple of tips to help myself when sitting down for so long:


  • Neck Pillow

    • Surprise, this is actually not for your neck, haha! She suggested that I sit on this pillow between my legs to help fit the “bowl” all airplane seats have, to keep me upright and in proper position. You can also place it behind your back, vertical, up against your spine to help with position too (I will be alternating since I am not bringing two of these pillows). If you don’t have something like this, the pillow they give you on the flight, or wrapping the blanket they give you into a ball can also help.

  • Compression socks

    • I learned about muscle tone in my human physiology class last semester and I wanted to try out compression socks for the first time. Wearing these socks will keep pressure on my legs and (hopefully) increase circulation and reduce swelling that occurs from long flights. TBD.

3. Give yourself some pampering

I dislike flying a LOT (have you thought about all the germs on those airplanes??), so any way I can make it feel like my regular routine, I am going to do it.

  • Regular Collagen (blue)

    • To help get more protein, I love using these single packets from Vital Proteins in my coffee, or hot drink. I have also found that collagen makes my nails HELLA strong (and help move things along in the digestive area (nerd face))

  • Beauty Collagen (purple)

    • Explanatory enough. (Lavender lemon flavored)

  • Liquid I.V.

    • Everyone knows how dehydrating airplanes are, so I am bringing along these single packets of electrolytes to mix in my water bottle during the flight. 

  • Tea Packets

    • Peppermint and ginger tea help settle my stomach, and the Triple Leaf “relaxing” tea helps move things along (since we all know how traveling can bring havoc to eliminating waste)

  • Eye mask

    • Nothing feels better than a little bit of skin care. There are numerous eye masks to pick from, but at Target I found these new eye masks from Burt’s Bees that I am excited to try!

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