Melbourne Recap

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I really don’t know why I thought going to down South in Australia (in the winter) was a great idea.

But the flights were booked and before I let myself think about it, I was waking up at 4AM to catch a flight to Melbourne, Victoria.

And the trip was amazing! Except for one slight problem.

I got strep throat.

I should have stopped myself when I woke up Thursday for the flight, feeling like I couldn’t swallow. But I am in Australia - I have to see everything no matter what!

(Rookie mistake)

View of the city from Queen Victoria Market

View of the city from Queen Victoria Market

Some noms at Queen Victoria Market

Some noms at Queen Victoria Market


We arrived in Melbourne early morning, and had the whole day to explore. We started at the Queen Victoria Market (as everyone raved about it) and I fell in love with aisle after aisle of fresh produce and artisan goods. I had a hard time finding something that fit my lovely dietary needs so I ate salad for breakfast - sarcastic yay!! (But it was super delicious, I have no regrets).

If anyone knows me, you know how much I love to walk. So we ended up walking across the city over to the National Galley of Victoria where we were able to gain free entry to exhibits! Score! My favorite was the vintage fashion exhibit with designers like Dior and Givenchy. (If I wore something like this today, would y’all approve??)

At the National Gallery of Victoria.

At the National Gallery of Victoria.

On our walk towards our AirBNB in Richmond, we stopped at a cafe called Hard Pressed, where I had THE BEST PEPPERMINT TEA IN THE WORLD! (Sadly, I took a video so I cannot post it, but click here to look at my insta highlights for it :). The tea may have tasted 100x better because it soothed my screaming throat but I think it was because they served it in a french press. You just can’t compete with a french press whether its coffee or tea.

I was feeling terrible by this point, but refused to believe I was actually sick (can’t a goodnight sleep make it go away?), so we ended up watching netflix and relaxing in the airbnb for the night. I Uber(ate?) a bowl from Laneway Greens in hopes the nourishment would help with whatever I was fighting. It was a good thought…


Well, I woke up feeling worse. And finally was able to swallow my pride. Figuring out how to get to a urgent care in a foreign city of the foreign country you are now living in should NOT be a bucket list item, but I for sure can check it off. :-)

The “medical clinic” was on one of the busiest streets in Melbourne, on the fourth floor of a skyscaper. From someone who has never lived in a big city before, this was all very new to me. Thankfully, the appointment was quick and painless. Anna took me to another Laneway (oops) for lunch afterwards, and we found the real life diagon alley!! I got a turmeric latte and it rocked my world. Safe to say that I am not suffering on the warm mug drinks here in straya!

A very sick and cold Emma on the Kokoda Memorial Walk.

A very sick and cold Emma on the Kokoda Memorial Walk.

Despite the strep throat, I made myself believe that the meds were already working, and agreed to go explore Kokoda Memorial Walk. About 30 mins outside of center city Melbourne, the 1,000 step walk is a living memorial and site of commemoration honoring all of those who fought for Australia during World War II. Our uber driver took us to the top of the mountain, where we walked down the stairs (but I really think the idea is you climb UP the walk…). It was freezing and damp, but absolutely stunning. I would love to come back once it starts to warm up and hike up the stairs.


I barely slept 3 hours, and woke up ready to just be back in Sydney. I am a baby when it comes to being sick (but considering I havent gotten sick in over six years, I forgot what it was like to feel that horrible). We had a whole day to explore Melbourne one more time before we had to head back so I told myself I needed to check off what I wanted to do. Where to start? Matcha Mylkbar 🤩(a little plant based food is good for the soul).

I heard about this place through one of the bloggers I follow on Instagram where she shared they do a flight of lattes. I. HAD. TO. TRY. IT. I got to pick one latte, and then the barista picked the other three. I chose a turmeric latte, and then was served an almond butter cacao latte, matcha latte, and a spiced beetroot latte. My favorite was the almond butter cacao latte because it was basically drinking dark chocolate.

Latte flight and acai bowl for brekkie.

Latte flight and acai bowl for brekkie.


I spent the rest of day walking along St. Kilda beach and exploring more of inner city Melbourne. My friend and I decided to go rock climbing before our flight. There was this impressive indoor rock climbing wall on a corner of the main city road! We came. We climbed. We conquered.

Now I am back in Sydney, with classes starting tomorrow. It is much sunnier here than Melbourne, but I really enjoyed the business in Melbourne. Top tip: go when it summer. I think it may be more enjoyable ;)

For whoever is reading, thanks for sticking around for this lengthy one! If y’all wanna hear anything specific/different from these abroad updates, let me know for the next post :)



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